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Whats the secret to success online?

Focus and determination… You first have to have
the desire to succeed, something to focus on,
like your dreams and goals..This becomes your
focus, it is something that can not live without
accomplishing, you have to have it!!

Next you need to have the determination, that you
will reach your dreams and goals no matter what,
when obstacles get in you way, you have to be
determined to move past them..

There are always roadblocks in our way, success
is determined by how you handle these roadblocks,
do you let them get in your way or do you find
your way around them?

When you have these two things, there is nothing
that will stop you. One of the greatest books I
ever read was by Napolean Hill “Think And Grow
Rich” It changed by whole way of thinking, and
Napolean Hill was not just talking about money he
talked about getting rich in all aspects of your
life..It leads to my favorite saying by Les Brown
“What Ever The Mind Can Conceive And Believe It
Can Achieve!”
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7 Reasons Why People FAIL To Make Money Online!
[Part 1 of 3]

From the desk of: Joe Okoro
Time: 7.36am

Dear Prospective Internet Marketer,

If you have failed or you are still struggling to make a living online, then this article is one you will like to read to the end because it will open your eyes to the exact reasons why you have been unable to make it online.

No doubt the title header of this website gives you an idea of what this newsletter series is all about. It’s actually geared on how to make money using a franchise or affiliate system.

Have you been struggling to make money online without success?

Sometimes, I wonder why people find it so hard to create a living from the Internet when I and many other Internet marketers do it so seamlessly.

Most times, the knowledge I have on making money online, I feel it is a common knowledge that every other person around me have. In fact I take it for granted and assume it’s available to the next person beside me.

However, I get questions and frustrations from my readers who are making serious efforts to make a living online. I came to the realisation that the knowledge on how to harness the internet to make money online is indeed a special skill available to only a few people.

And once you have this special marketing skills, your life changes for the better.

Here is an example of the type of questions I get every time from my subscribers.

“Mr Joe, I have spent thousands of Naira on many make money programs without success, please can you help me with a suggestion of something I can do to make a living online. I have lost my job, and my house rent is due in 2 months, can you suggest something I can do that will help me to raise N300k fast?”

Here’s another one.

“I have read your newsletters and it seems you know what you are doing. I’m looking for something that will help me supplement my income. I’m not looking for a get rich quick scheme or something that will make me N10million per month. (Though, I don’t mind if it happens), I want something that I can work on in the evenings after work, and an Internet business seems to be the perfect match. I don’t have any products yet, and do not have the experience or time to create any products, so I’m looking at starting with an affiliate
program, what would you suggest Mr. Joe?”

Most times, my reply to these people is to start with my blog training program so they can learn how to start up their own internet businesses. Unfortunately, over 70% who even complete the training do not get up to start making money on time because of a lot of reasons.

Those reasons or factors are exactly the cause of failures among those who try to make money online. And some of those reasons is what I will talk about in this newsletter series.

Reason #1 – Lack Of Knowledge On A Profitable Niche Market

One of the challenges newbies or people who want to make money online have is deciding on a profitable niche market to start with.

And the reason is, most times they are clueless on how to do market research to zero in on a profitable market.

A lot of people, out of the need to make a living dabble into blogging and start writing and publishing news worthy information, put Google Adsense codes on their website, and try to drive traffic to it.

Unfortunately, many who have gone this route have realized after several months or years that their website is just laying there, gathering digital dust and not making them anything substantial.

For those who have managed to drive some traffic, it’s not surprising to see that some of them have made $117 after 11 months of blogging from Google Adsense, and cashing this money takes another 2 months before it “lands” into their bank accounts.

So, for those who have tried to make money this way or who are still thinking the area to focus, this is one of the obstacles standing in the way to making big money online. Continue reading REASONS WHY PEOPLE FAIL TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE

20 ideas to make money online

A cash cow for the enterprising, the Internet is littered with opportunities to make a fast buck. While it rarely qualifies as a solitary source of income, the Net can easily help you supplement it. However, the amount you earn depends on the time and effort invested. Go through these 20 options and find out which ones work for you.

If you’re a passionate closet writer who wants to be published but can’t find a way to do so, make each keystroke your way to wealth by penning your own blog. Starting a blog doesn’t require extensive technical skills but it’s important that you have expertise in the field you are writing on. This will attract visitors to your site. Building a large following will enable you to earn profit by luring advertisers, writing paid reviews or getting commissions for promoting other people’s products. Continue reading 20 ideas to make money online